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It is surprising to hear that kids can have gambling problems these days. It is possible for kids as young as eleven years old to suffer from gambling addictions. How is this even possible? Well, we can blame gaming for this. Half a million kids have said that they bet consistently.

Gambling is easy to access these days thanks to online gaming, smartphone apps, and more. Them being accessible online is the main problem when it comes to gambling among teenagers.

Video games are constantly getting more realistic and complex as the years go by. It’s no wonder people become obsessed because they are literally made to hold their attention and keep them captivated. This can cause people to play them more or make them play them compulsively which means they can’t control it.

The purpose of The Camerino Players

We hope to raise awareness and spread education about gaming and gambling abuse especially online. People need to take this seriously and understand it so that it can be more often recognized and stopped in its tracks.

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If you or someone you know is suffering from gaming or gambling addiction, feel free to write to us for support. We are always eager to help others in need

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