Gambling And Gaming: Difference And Dangerous

It is surprising to hear that kids can have gambling problems these days. It is possible for kids as young as eleven years old to suffer from gambling addictions. How is this even possible? Well, we can blame gaming for this. Half a million kids have said that they bet consistently.

Kid’s betting is more common than kids using drugs or alcohol believe it or not. Of course around the world, it is usually illegal for kids to gamble. Sadly this doesn’t really stop them from doing so. They still manage to gamble regardless especially because there are ways to get around that system.

Gaming can actually lead to betting. This is because there is commonly a system of “loot boxes”. This can be involved in gaming apps and whatnot.

What Is Gambling?

If you have ever paid money into a raffle or played an arcade game to win something, then you’ve gambled. It’s not always so serious, so it’s okay to play the claw machine for that stuffed animal for your girlfriend. Don’t freak out.

If you gamble, then that is when money is risked in the form of a game in the hopes that you might win something or equal or more value. Arcade games and betting are all forms of gambling though they are usually allowed. It’s interesting to see how they can be a prelude to dangerous gambling.

Many times of gambling games have rules that mean you have to be a certain age to play like when it comes to the lottery. Most of the time that means people have to be 18 to gamble like in a casino or betting. It would be breaking the law to do it if you are not 18.

It is believed that loot boxes are a type of gambling. This is because there is no guarantee of winning something good and they cost real money along with potentially being sold for real money. This means kids can end up gambling “legally”.

Even if real money is not used, it can still encourage gambling behavior. This is because of its teachers that there are no consequences to the risk, not any that people can see. This can teach them gambling from a young age and cause addiction.

What Are The Issues With Gambling?

Responsible gambling can be a fun past time. That means being able to quit while they’re ahead and knowing that it is time to stop without any issues. Otherwise, gambling can cause people to lose money and livelihood to the thrill of the game, and that’s where the addiction comes in.

When it comes to gambling winning what you desire is not always possible. That’s what makes it fun, but that is also what makes it the ruin for many people. It can destroy lives and treating it as a game even starting young can make it so much worse.

This is why kids games really shouldn’t have a gambling aspect to it.