Video games are constantly getting more realistic and complex as the years go by. It’s no wonder people become obsessed because they are literally made to hold their attention and keep them captivated. This can cause people to play them more or make them play them compulsively which means they can’t control it.

Over time these compulsions can turn into an addiction which takes over people’s lives. Addiction is debilitating in any form, even as gaming addiction. This is because it controls people and keeps them from living a normal, happy, and healthy life.

What Is A Video Game Addiction?

Games are often targeted toward children and teenagers and young adults, but that doesn’t mean they are the only people who play them. When it comes to people, who play video games those who are older are more likely to develop a compulsion or addiction to video games.

Those who might already have compulsive behavior are more likely to have it when it comes to video games. Like with any addiction video game addiction can disrupt life. It can cause problems with work or school or relationships and take over their lives in a negative way.

Dangerous Effects

It can be too easy to begin overlooking life’s responsibilities instead of playing video games nonstop. That is what addiction does. It can cause bad performance in work or school and less attention to relationships. They may spend more time playing games than being social or doing gaming instead of working because it is more fun.

Sitting at the computer or on the couch gaming can eventually cause physical issues. It is possible to develop carpal tunnel because of holding controllers. It is also common to develop consistent headaches and eye aches as well from the strain of gaming. There can also be weight issues due to lack of exercise. It can cause depression.

Preventing Addiction

It is important to know ways to prevent addiction to gaming because that is the best way to help overall. Having boundaries set on how much can be played for how long and when can stop compulsions from happening. Talking about gaming and making sure you find time for other activities can also be a great way to prevent addiction.

Mostly, awareness is best. Give yourself a break and take time away to make sure you are able. If you can’t play video games without symptoms of addiction, it may be time to get help.