A parent’s obsession with their children playing video games can seem a bit silly. Many parents are reluctant to buy video games as their kids get older because they are worried about the potential obsession and take over. It’s not without merit, of course, kids can really get into their gaming.

Following into the digital lure of gaming is all too easy these days because everyone does it. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The problem is that over time, like with all things, too much of something good can turn out bad.

It can seem pointless after a while to try and limit their video gaming because it’s an awful battle. But it might be important because it has been researched and shown that the brain is affected the same way as substance abuse.

Playing can actually cause an amphetamine high which can help rewire the brain to feel that it is dependent on the gaming to feel whole and healthy.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Of course, everyone wants to protect their kids from video games that can desensitize them to violence and blood. We have a generation that handles those things so quickly. Video game culture is vast, and you don’t want to keep your kid away from that, but you want them to grow outside of it as well.

Mistake #1: Starting Young

Obviously, the younger someone is when they start gaming, the more likely they are to develop addictive habits toward it. Just like kids who eat junk food continuously don’t want to eat healthy food anymore.

Giving your child the chance to play naturally means that they can develop good habits that come along with that. If they play video games sooner on then, they grow more attached to them instead.

Mistake #2 Creating Easy Access

Did you know that eight out of ten kids over the age of eight actually have their very own video game system to use? This shouldn’t be the case because then you can’t control how much your kid plays. If they grow obsessed, it is even harder to get a handle on their gaming and control them because they have such easy access to it. Make sure you push hard on your boundaries when it comes to your kids’ gaming. Stay strong and don’t budge so they know they can’t manipulate you.