Educational Resource About Gaming And Gambling Abuse

There is a large gap on the internet and real life when it comes to gaming addiction and its relation to gambling. This is because it is not taken seriously by many people. It is thought that gaming is really just a choice and people who spend all their time playing it are lazy losers and gross.

Maybe that is the case for some people, but not everyone. That’s because gaming can cause some of the same psychological symptoms as drug addiction, and so can gambling. Imagine that they have been combined and then exposed to young adults and children. That can turn into a whole mess.

This is why we hope to raise awareness and spread education about gaming and gambling abuse especially online. People need to take this seriously and understand it so that it can be more often recognized and stopped in its tracks. 

Gaming addiction can start very young, so it is important to always set boundaries and limitations to keep that at bay. Also, monitor your kid’s interactions and even transactions. Microtransactions are common in games which are purchases with real-life money for in-game items.

Over time this can lead to gambling. There are a risk and thrill to it where kids don’t realize the real dangers to the money they are potentially losing. They learn it is fun without recognizing consequences and they need to be taught the truth overall.

We have a series of articles here to help explain these issues and make them easy to understand. We aim to be an accessible resource for all, especially parents, to help prove the truth behind these ideas.